Some cool projects we’re working on

We definitely got some cool projects in the works both locally and abroad. The great thing about being a little more open and broad with the range of work is the different project requests that come in the door.  It’s a joy and a challenge to see the different types of things we can create for family, friends, and clients. We are just finishing up an awesome backdrop for a wedding coming up in the middle of October. The backdrop is going to basically consist of some lacquered up pallets and then decorated with some florals from a local florist they have. Apparently, the backdrop will be used for photo booth photos where people will stand in front of the pallet wall and snap photos. We can’t wait to see the end result after we complete it and the photos themselves from the wedding.  Furthermore, there were some extra pallets laying around so were able to make great use of them. Some of the inspiration for the backdrop was gathered from Pinterest and youtube such as the video below. While we didn’t build the pallets like shown below it definitely served as a great starting point.

The photo booth company based in Los Angeles has graciously entrusted us to make their vision a reality. They gave us some slight direction and forwarded us a few photos of some examples they have done in the past. Hopefully we can blow their previous work out of the water and gain a loyal customer. There might have been a hint for a bigger project down the line if all goes well with this one. If you’re in their range of services feel free to drop them a visit by clicking HERE to get to their website and request some more information!

In addition, we’ve also been working hard on a custom gun safe for a past client of ours. We’re rolling out the big guns and I’ve enlisted help of some welder buddies of mine to partake in the project. A prototype of the safe should be completed within the next three weeks and then we should have a final build of the safe by end of November at the earliest. After completion of the gun safe we are also going to be laser engraving some fine details to give it that extra flair. Like I said, we have a lot on our plate and definitely a variety of projects to be completed. The work we do can be a challenge sometimes, but it is always definitely rewarding seeing the final product. It’s even more rewarding when we meet and exceed the expectations of the client

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