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Modular Home Construction

If you are unfamiliar with modular homes, then you may find it very interesting how they are constructed!

The traditional 'stick-built' method of building a house involves bringing all the raw materials to the home site and constructing the house from them. That involves a lot of transportation costs and energy, wasted materials, and the home is more susceptible to the weather during building.

Modular homes construction on the other hand is radically different! The home is built in smaller sections, the modules, in an offsite factory. They can be custom built to any specifications, including specific local building code requirements. You can also choose many trim details.

Being indoors helps keep the modules clean and dry during building. There is significant financial benefits to this method as the factory can buy the materials in bulk, which ends up costing you far less, and weather never causes construction delays. Plus, there are big environmental advantages as well as less materials and energy are used.

Once the modules are finished, then they are transported to the prepared home site. Once they arrive, they are placed into place, by either truck or crane. The units can be placed on a variety of surfaces, including full basements, concrete slabs, or even stilts.

In order to withstand the transportation and installation, the modules are build far stronger than traditionally built homes. Faster construction, less expensive, and more solid. What else could you want in a home?

Modular home builders like ZN Custom complete the process, by properly securing the modules together, connecting water, sewer, and electrical systems, and taking care of all of the finishing touches.

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