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Our high quality production along with our outstanding customer service has allowed us to become one of the largest providers of custom modular homes in Boston, Massachusetts, Middlesex County and Essex County, and surrounding areas.

For those who may be relocating to the area, here is some general information and links about these areas.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is the largest city in New England, with a population of nearly 600,000. Boston is steeped in american history with such notable events as the Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre, both of which were major events in the American Revolution. It also boasts the countries first public school and subway system.

Boston is also home to well-known colleges and university, among them Harvard College (America's first), several professional sports teams, and a thriving downtown.

The City of Boston
Greater Boston Visitors Bureau
Wikipedia - Boston, Massachusetts

Middlesex County

Middlesex has the highest population of all Massachusetts counties with 1.5 million inhabitants. Like many other counties, Middlesex exists today as a geographical region only, with no county government. State agencies now perform county functions. Massachusetts County Government
Wikipedia - Middlesex County, Massachusetts

Essex County

Like Middlesex, Essex County is also a geographical region only, but has two county seats in Salem and Lawrence. Essex County includes Cape Ann and covers much of the Merrimack Valley and has a population near 725,000.

Wikipedia - Essex County, Massachusetts
County Profile

Boston Area News
Boston Marathon: suspect to be arraigned in Boston bomb hoax - Kevin Edson of Boston, the man accused of a bomb hoax in Boston’s Copley Square, is scheduled to appear court Wednesday and will face charges of purporting a hoax and disturbing the peace. A police officer had encountered the man walking down the middle of Boylston Street, barefoot and shrouded in a black veil in the pouring rain, according to Boston Police Department spokeswoman Rachael McGuire.

Boston remembers marathon victims one year on - BOSTON, April 16, 2014 (AFP) - Boston paid solemn tribute Tuesday to the victims and survivors of the marathon bombings, observing a moment of silence and raising the US flag exactly one year after the attacks that stunned the nation.

Can Cities Really Be Tech Centers? - The Boston area, where I live, has long been a center for technology companies. While some are long gone -- think DEC, Wang, and Prime Computer -- others started here years ago live on. Think Analog Devices, Analogic, and Teradyne. General Radio started here. Oracle has a large campus.

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